How to Change the Date of Birth(DOB) in Aadhaar Card?

aadhar card dob changeYou may come across a scenario that your aadhaar card has the wrong date of birth which is printed. It may occur in circumstances like you have provided the wrong date of birth by any mistake, or there has been a mistake in printing the date of birth. In either way, there is a provision which is given by the government to the citizen of India, stating a correction in the date of birth. To do so, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

The Steps Involved in Changing the Date of Birth in Aadhaar Card

Following mentioned are some of the simple steps which are involved if you want to change the date of birth on your aadhaar card.

  • The first step which is involved in correcting your date of birth in the aadhaar card is to go and visit the website,
  • Once you have visited the website, you are asked to input two credentials, that is, your unique aadhaar card number and also the captcha which will be given there. Once you have inputted your correct credentials successfully, click on the option saying, “Send OTP.”
  • Now, you will be receiving an OTP, which is the “One Time Password.” This OTP will be sent to the registered phone number or mobile number against your corresponding aadhaar card.
  • Once you have received the OTP, you are required to enter the received OTP in the corresponding field, which will come up once you have clicked on “Send OTP” in the initial stages. After you have successfully entered the OTP, click on the option saying “Submit.”
  • Once you have clicked on “Submit,” you will be directly redirected to the page of “Data Update Request Centre.”
  • Now you have to locate the field corresponding to the ‘Date of Birth,’ and you also have to go ahead and click on the icon which portraits a radio. Now, click on the option which shows “Update.”
  • Now, you have to enter your correct date of birth, that is, the date of birth which you wanted to change and once the same has been done, click on the option which says “Update.”
  • You have to upload now the relevant documents which you will be asked for supporting your request to change the date of birth of your aadhaar card. Upload these documents and click on the option which says “Upload Data.”
  • Now a request number will be automatically generated by the portal, which will obviously be unique. It is highly recommended that you do take a note of this number, in case you need it for any reference in the near future. Your request is thus processed, and you will be receiving your new aadhaar card with the necessary changes in around 14 days directly to your address of residence.

Thus, it is a very simple and easy process which one can follow and easily achieve. So, if you are someone facing the relevant situation, you can now go ahead and do the needful in a very easy and hassle-free experience.

16 Replies to “How to Change the Date of Birth(DOB) in Aadhaar Card?”

  1. Shruti jain

    Me and my father has wrong aadhar card details which we need to change please tell me your contact number? we need assistance.

  2. Tarik ahemad

    I have different age in in my driving license and aadhar card need to change my aadhar card dob to driving license one.

  3. Dilip Yadav

    Aadhar card ka date of birth kaise change kare. Ye mera number hai 9145432587 esme please call karke bateye.

  4. Vivek misra

    I need to change my date of birth but when I tried to change it online it send me otp but it send that to my old number which I no longer have so I am unable to change my date of birth. This is my number 9266532863 please call me its very urgent.

  5. Fultushi hansda

    I have visited aadhar card website but there is no option to change date of birth you can only change address in there.

  6. tiklu chakma

    i have been issued aadhaar card vide no. 695181233540, but on going through on line which remarks as invalid number, please checkthe matter.

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